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Week 17 Day 5 -Happy and Healthy

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So we’re officially in my second trimester! HELLLOOOOOOO second trimester!!!! It feels so good to be here (thank you! thank you!) that I’ve actually forgotten how horrible I was feeling just a month ago! This is probably why none of my mother friends really talk about their first trimester hardships because once its over the memory probably gets locked down and deep into a chest and buried under the happiness that is this Second Trimester.

On my 14th and 15th week, my body was slowly tiptoeing away from my #firstrimesterblues and I happily felt the constant nausea starting to lessen but the migraines became terrible. It would last all day every day that on some days I would just bury my head in my pillows mid afternoon and would pray for it to be over. The doctor of  course allowed me to take Biogesic (paracetamol) to help with the pain but it’s been my personal choice to not take as many chemicals as I can. However, on some days when I needed to be a human and function outside my home, I really needed to take the pain killer but tried my best to take it once a day and not even every day. I had to lessen my screen time on my iPad, iPhone, my laptop and also my TV. Now you know why I haven’t updated much here.

Second trimester so far has been a breathe of fresh air. I no longer feel extremely sluggish during the afternoon, my migraines have stopped and my appetite feels more normal now. My bump is much rounder now although not really bigger. I definitely feel the difference the most though when I lie down on my back and feel my tummy. My boobs are also sort of getting bigger so you can’t really tell with my boobs competing with my tummy.

What concerns me more now though is my health and diet. Doc Tere told me that as much as she would like me to lose weight (I’m considered overweight for my height), my weight gain every month has been steadily just 1 pound ever since we found out I was pregnant. But if I were to be honest, since the beginning of summer I think since my food cravings were kind of going haywire because I was pregnant and I didn’t know it yet, I must have already gained a total of 12 pounds. If I am able to keep this up or even maintain my weight, she wouldn’t mind at all. So now that I feel better, I’ve decided that if I can’t get to working out as much as I would like (still feeling awfully lazy), I might as well fix my diet. So I decided to order food delivery meals from Fit Kitchen PH. Chris is part of this too. Can’t torture him and eat yummy regular food everyday while he eats diet food haha and vice versa! Everyday, we receive 3 full meals and a really light snack to eat which amounts to 1,800 calories. I admit, I cheat a little bit like adding more meat into my food (taking left overs from the fridge and adding it into the mix) but I feel like it’s okay since I don’t eat much of the sidings (potatoes, red rice or the bread). But the most important thing is that I don’t feel the need to stuff myself anymore with food. I need to train my stomach how to eat less but with the right kind and amount of food.

This June though was a pretty eventful month. We celebrated our cousin Paolo’s college graduation by eating at Spirals in Sofitel. It was amazing! I enjoyed the cheese, the Sukiyaki Bowl, roast beef, roasted duck and more. Then Kathy, my sister in law, celebrated her birthday and we went to Circles at Makati Shangri-La Hotel to celebrate. The quality of the buffet was awful. It was once the most popular buffet in the city with the freshest sushi, top quality roast beef and delicious assorted dishes of different cuisines but it really pales in comparison now with Spirals. Most of the cousins gorged on the sushi (because how can you go wrong with sushi) as everything else was pretty bleak.

Then it was Karen’s birthday too so she had a get together at her place and it was also a feast! I baked her my Speculoos Cheesecake as requested, we ate lechon, pasta, salad and had a lot of finger food and sang to 90’s music all night long! Super fun!


(L-R) Priscilla, Patti, Shinead, Karen ( with the cake), Me, Miki below, and Veda

Then Chris and I went up to Tagaytay to have a weekend getaway at Discovery Country Suites for his birthday. We ate at Balay Dako for the first time and I super duper enjoyed their KBL (Kadyos, Langka, Baboy) soup. I have been craving it for months! We also ate at good ol’ LZM for our favorite Bangus and Marcia Adams which was a gorgeous garden restaurant. Unfortunately, it was raining that night and we arrived late at 8:30PM so we were literally alone surrounded by dark gardens, old-fashioned chandeliers, a stone house, rain, crickets and silence. It was more eerie than romantic actually so we had to play music via Spotify to brighten the mood. But I would definitely go back because I’m sure it’s gorgeous at sunset and the food was amazing 🙂


The birthday husby and my chubby cheeks in Marcia Adams, Tagaytay


How’s the baby though? Here, let’s see!


There he/she is!!! Looks more like a baby Skeletor to me, though!


Know this guy? Skeletor, the villain from the 80’s cartoon He-Man hahaha!

The doctor told us that the baby is growing steadily though the head seems to be tiny bit bigger than ordinary but then she looked at Chris and said “Well, Papa has a rather large head so this could just be genetics”. I had to look away so I wouldn’t laugh out loud. He looked slightly horrified! Haha!

My next appointment will be in 2 weeks. I will be getting a Congential Anomaly Scan (to check for all the body parts are complete like kidneys, fingers, blood flow EVERYTHING!) and I’m pretty excited! Most of the time you kind of forget that the baby is there because of course you don’t see it with your own eyes. And because of that, you also feel very insecure about the progress and health of the baby. Everytime we get a chance to have an ultrasound, Chris and I jump on it even though it’s expensive because it’s our little window to peek inside! At least with the CAS, we’ll get to confirm again that the baby is healthy. But with this CAS, they’ll also be able to tell if there are any abnormalities with the baby so I have to pray harder now.

So all in all, June passed by quickly and with a lot of happenings that kept my mind off the little things. It was also the month of the NBA Championships and I was so into it (who am I??) that I was so excited when our team won – Cleveland Cavaliers! Fran hosted a big steak dinner at their place too. No pictures to show, though!

Til next post!



Week 13 Day 4 – Brains are BACK!

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I think I got my brain back!!!

I can feel it! My brain! it’s functioning (sort of) properly again and I don’t feel as awful as I did like last week! I cannot explain the joy of knowing that my second trimester is here 🙂 🙂 I’m looking forward to eating food again, getting up in the morning doesn’t feel like how it did when I was back in high school, I’m able to stay up later in the night (although afternoons are still a struggle). My moods are still weird but it’s manageable nowadays, I guess. I’ve decided to drink Nescafe instant coffee in all the different sugary flavors to help me through the morning. Less content of caffeine anyway and it’s allowed. Yay!

So, last Tuesday was an awesome day for Chris and I. We went to see Dr. Henson again and our baby passed once again with flying colors 🙂 I, however, did not. I have developed UTI (Urinary Track Infection). Doctor told me to start drinking 3 liters of water everyday.3!!!!!! I CAN BARELY MAKE IT UP TO 2!! Needless to say, as of this writing I’m waiting for Dr. Tere to reply to me after I told her that I was unsuccessful with my homework. I now need antibiotics.

But just look at this beautiful profile of a baby chillin’ like it’s in a hammock!


What a coincidence my amniotic sac is shaped like a heart in this picture haha! Oh, you can’t understand what you’re looking at?


There ya go! And because of this – we have finally decided to make the announcement when we get home. I just can’t get over the fact that there’s FEET already! Tiny feet!!!

So after the doctor’s appointment, Chris and I practically skipped out of Makati Medical and made our way to Toyota Shaw because it was also the day Chris is getting HIS baby – our new Toyota Fortuner!


After selling our old cars and being car-less for almost 2 months, we are now proud owners of SILVERFOX! (I’m the only one that seems to like this name. Chris hates it. I’ve nicknamed it FOXY :p) In this picture it looks rather small but I assure you, the car is rather large and wide.


Beauty!! Though I’m terrified to drive it. I miss my Innova!!!

After Toyota, we went to S&R Shaw which was 2 minutes away for lunch and after that Chris was starting to feel under the weather (it was heavily pouring outside) so we went home. I was able to convince Chris though that we needed to shoot our sneakers with the baby shoes that I had purchased the day before so we can finally make the announcement on social media and to our families. At this time, Chris had transformed into a big grumpy bear already because he was tired, feeling slightly sick and because of the rain the humidity was terrible. We grabbed our Go Pro and went to our pool deck and stood by the grass, quickly took some photos and then went back downstairs. This is what we came up with:


I feel that we could have done better. I mean, the angle of the camera and my choice of shoes made my feet look as BIG AS CHRIS’S FEET. But whatever – I think we were able to pull it off given the circumstances (read: Chris’ foul mood). We blasted it on social media and we both got an overwhelming response from our family and friends! At some point in the day when I kept checking in to read through the comments, I must have teared up like twice because the messages were so touching. I don’t know why I keep thinking that when these things happen to me (getting married, getting pregnant) that people wouldn’t be happy for me. Of course they would be happy for me, right? God did bless me with such a fantastic family and set of friends that of course they would be cheering me on. Just as I have always cheered for them 🙂

So that was the highlight of our Week 12 =)

So now, I’m off to walk on the the treadmill for the first time in 3 solid month because I seriously need to lessen my flab and get my stamina up. I’m armed with my iPad and my headphones. Let’s do this! But first, my baby bump:



xx Isabel

Week 12 Day 03 – Hormones and Hormones

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The few people that know I’m pregnant have asked me if my emotions have started diving and I’ve always told them no. I think it’s because I’ve been too preoccupied trying to control my nausea and headaches 24/7. In fact, I’ve been feeling extra cynical for the past few weeks if I were to be honest! It’s no wonder that I haven’t been feeling sociable.

Last Friday, I shocked myself as God had apparently scheduled it to be a day of tears.

  1. During my morning cleaning, I had kept the TV on in the background and The Karate Kid was on (the 2014 version). I’ve always like that film. Apparently I like it too much when I sat down to watch the finale, I started choking back tears as Jaden Smith told Jackie Chan on the clinic’s bed that he was afraid. A tear eventually fell when Jaden had fallen after his opponent kicked his injured leg and he got back up again. By the time Jaden won the gold medal and all the kids in the opposing side came up to him and paid their respects to Jackie Chan, I had wet tissues around me.
  2. Julian gave me a call and announced that he and Maja were getting married! I was SO overjoyed for them that I started tearing up! I tried my best to hide it  but Julian started cracking up when he heard my voice wavering so I just had to make a joke about pregnancy hormones!! Ugh!!
  3. I’ve decided after weeks of holding it off that I would get on with it and watch The Good Wife Finale. That last season was the weakest out of all the seasons and although I heard the reviews were pretty bad, I still had high hopes. The whole episode finale sucked, I have to say. But when Will Gardner came back as a memory for Alicia and she had her long moments wherein she was saying her farewell, I was destroyed.

Saturday was a different story. I was sleep deprived because I kept waking up due to my Restless Leg Syndrome. IT SUCKS. IT REALLY SUCKS. My legs felt incredibly ticklish and had to wake up a bunch of times to stretch my muscles out. (I eventually asked for my doctor’s help and told me to take Vitamin B Complex. I read that it aids in iron deficiency which makes sense since my blood test shows that I am anemic). My headache was also pretty bad (I must have been extra grinding the night before). Overall, I felt crappy. So Chris told me to order any food that I wanted to help me feel better and the first thing that popped in my head was Chili’s Burger Bites (my favorite!). Buttered buns, juicy meat, bacon bits and ranch dressing! Oh the ranch dressing! I seriously love their ranch dressing! So when I called the restaurant and made the order, I made sure to ask for extra ranch dressing! Did they remember to give me extra ranch dressing? No! And they picked the wrong preggy tanayt! I cannot explain the heat that shot up to my head when I saw my box of food with no extra dressing. Chris cringed as I called back the restaurant and scolded the girl who took my order. Of course I felt awful afterwards especially after Chris pointed out that it looks like we won’t be ordering from there again any time soon.

Is it a surprise that I’m losing interest in makeup? I haven’t been into watching my usual makeup tutorials lately nor have I wanted to play with makeup. I feel like I lost my makeup mojo and it’s depressing me, too. I told myself that I’d bump up the activity in my beauty instagram account to keep me inspired and I seriously am so clueless with how to start. Instead, I’m here blogging about how much of a Debbie Downer I am. Ugh! I really have to do something to shake things up and make me feel better! But what?


xx Isabel




Week 12 Day 0 – Dreams and Decors

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They say that during pregnancy, dreams get more vivid than ever and I gotta say – they do! Almost every night it’s like story after story that makes me go “whuuuttt…??” in the morning. I actually look forward to sleeping every night. I never fully feel relaxed because of the constant nausea and headache and bedtime is no exception so I really look forward to going to bed. But, it’s also cuddle time with my husband (to his dismay) so that makes me happy.

One night, I dreamt that a tiger was hunting me and my mom’s dog Brandy down in my lola’s old house in Forbes (Shere Kahn??). I had to keep on running after Brandy because he was clueless with the danger he was in! I finally had to pull myself awake because we reached the kitchen and the only thing separating the tiger and me was the kitchen swing door! Last night, I dreamt Chris and I had a fight and so I decided to go to the gym and do some spinning. After my session, I realized I had a hard time pedaling on the bike because the resistance level was set to the highest and then I remembered that I was pregnant so I got worried if it did any harm to the baby. When I woke up this morning, I sleepily told Chris about the dream and he said “So… you decided to get back at me for whatever we were fighting about with our BABY???” Egadz.

After making myself a lunch of garlic chorizo, scrambled eggs and brown rice (because everything else in my fridge just looked yech), I did a bit of cleaning around the condo before sitting down because God knows when I sit down on the couch or on my office chair, it’ll be a long while before I can get up. I moved to my office to do a bit of work and got to thinking more about the room.

So, we’ve been clearing out our 2nd room (aka my office!) for the past month and now we’re down to our last few items. image1

  1. My desk
  2. Bookcase
  3. Chris’ Bike
  4. Travel Map
  5. Makeup Storage Cabinet (left of the desk slightly hidden)
  6. 2 tier shoe rack (not in photo)
  7. Side table

It’s a mess. I know. Looks more like a storage room. I know!

So, I decided that my beautiful white desk will go to Cecile’s apartment 1 floor above me as well as the book case and the sidetable we can keep to put beside the crib (same finishings so at least I know it matches). Chris’ bike has NOT been used ever since I gave that to him (shakes fist!!) and the shoe rack I suppose we’ll have to give it away. But…. my makeup storage cabinet. My lifeline! How could I part with it?? Maybe I can squeeze it in my already tiny bathroom. I’ll have to rearrange some things but I can make it work! I’ll have to convince Chris that this is a fantastic idea so that I won’t need to part with my beloved blushes and bronzers!

Here are a few of my ideas for the baby room:


All pictures taken from Google and Pinterest.

I wanted a unisex scheme for the baby room and I figured soft shades of Green, White, or Grey are the best colors for this. Or if we keep it to basic white, we can play around with pops of colors like orange, green and blue! These pegs have small sized rooms so I know this can totally work. Just have to figure out how to fit my beige black out curtains in the design because I can’t have them changed anymore. And I already have a small foam blue single couch that can be rolled out into a bed. I figured I needed a comfy seat here in this room as well as a bed for the yaya to sleep on. But I definitely want to paint the walls a different color! So more or less, the color palette that I currently have are blue, brown, and beige. Ugh. How do I fit all that in the pegs that I have above?

Or, maybe if this little thing ends up being a boy, I don’t have to change too much!

Okay, I just checked the time and it’s 3:00 PM. It had to be because I was falling asleep on my chair already. I gotta nap if I want to be good company later at my sister’s birthday dinner.




It’s Happening!

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So, I’m pregnant!

(Oh… another pregnancy blog.)

(Oh, another blog all about life’s lessons during pregnancy).

Well, I suppose you’re right. But, really, it’s not what you think. I needed a place to vent about my ongoing battle (yes battle!) with my first pregnancy. Therefore I decided to resurrect my old blog for this haha.

Chris and I are expecting our first child and we couldn’t be happier about it! After being married for over a year, we decided that it was time to move on to the next stage and have a baby and early morning last April 5, 2016, we were blessed with the news. So exciting!!!! Well, most of the time we are excited. Okay, MAYBE he couldn’t be more excited about this but I have been mostly miserable about it!

As of today, I’m currently almost 12 weeks and getting over this first trimester is something I am way more excited about than anything else. I’m just so over the nausea, the headaches, the exhaustion, the constant huffing and puffing (mind you, I was pretty active before this pregnancy). My no-coffee rule is really a major struggle because every morning all I can think about is crawling two blocks down to Refinery so I could have a cup of deliciously sinful Salted Caramel Latte but NOOOOOooooo… I did say I want to be caffeine free for the baby! But I realize it doesn’t matter because the exhaustion I feel coffee cannot help. 90% of the day I feel like my brain is underwater and refuses to comprehend anything serious like the recent elections or the idea about selling my car.

Oh but the best part about this pregnancy all is my handsome, wonderful, loving and truly amazing HUSBAND. I’m sorry but he really does crack me up (after the moment of wanting to shake his teeth loose is over). He is extremely paranoid…. about everything! He fully supports (and encourages) me staying at home and taking a step back from my makeup jobs because of me being a weakling so now that anything has to do with more than doing the grocery and cleaning the house, he gets stressed out! Oh boy, during the first few weeks of my pregnancy there were a lot of text messages cautioning me about my health paired with “Don’t forget you’re pregnant!!”

Right. Because I can TOTALLY FORGET I’M PREGNANT!!!!

We definitely argue a lot of about me trying to keep quiet about our pregnancy. We had promised that we wouldn’t tell the mass population until we go beyond our first trimester. But God knows I can’t really keep news in for very long. I’ve been blurting out the news to a few friends of mine without Chris around and boy does it feel good! And I also make sure that I choose close friends who I don’t really see or talk to often so at least I know it wouldn’t be spreading to my close circles (like Wanggo who lives in Bacolod City and Miguel who lives in Iloilo City!). The latest argument though was just last night during dinner when I checked our What To Expect App and saw that we were 2 days short of our 3 months. Our annual doctor’s check up is next Tuesday so I told him that we can tell people after that but we should get on with our pregnancy announcement idea ahead!

Here are my two ideas:


But instead of chucks, we would wear our Nike Flyknits.


This is also really cute! But maybe we’ll go for the sneakers because that’s what we both have in common fashion-wise. Cute, huh? Or corny?

So after hearing that, Chris starts going off about me anticipating too much and too early about the announcement when we don’t know the update about our baby! That having a “shoot” or making announcements on social media are more important than the baby! EGADZ. Why couldn’t I make the check up a priority and to wait for the assurance from our doctor that everything is OK before I think about all the other things, he asks. COL (chuckle out loud). Of course we bickered for a bit (me saying that this makes me happy and I’m bursting on the inside already and him short of saying why am I thinking about other people before him and me) until I just had to give in and say “OKKKAAYYYYGLAISHGLASHG enough na no shoot nothing until we see Dr. Tere” (haayyyyy). Have I mentioned that he’s not allowing me to purchase anything for the baby until we reach 6 months pregnant?

So until next Tuesday which is five days from now, I just have to control myself. And continue to pray for strength to keep husband cool and keep hoping that the next 6 months will be easier as I waddle around with my belly.

xxIsabel Week 11 Day 5

Song of the Day: Ivy – Distant Lights

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I heard this song a few months back in Forever 21 and downloaded it as soon as I got home. This song was on constant replay for weeks because it is just so light, fun, cool and my shoulders cannot help but move to the beat. This is the debut single from Ivy’s “All Hours” album that just got released last September of 2011 and their other songs are just as interesting as Distant Lights (check out “Fascinating”). Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!